Administrative Officers

Tim Buchanan - President

Collin Ray - Vice President

Bonnie Naimo - Secretary

Jules Rogers - Treasurer

Board of Directors

Judy Hodges - Chairman

Harold Gillenwater - Vice Chairman

Jules Rogers - Secretary

Terry Wilson  

Ed Haynes

Neil Stout

Chris McCarter

​Kevin Haynes
​David Taylor


The overall administration of the Department is divided between 3 sections.  The Board of Directors oversees the overall operations of the Department, while the Administrative Officers manage the day-to-day operations of the Department. Firefighting and Command decisions are made by the Line Officers.

Avoca Volunteer Fire Department             Established  in 1959

Line Officers

David Taylor - Chief

Ed Haynes - Assistant Chief

Billy Rutherford - Assistant Chief

Chris McCarter - Captain

Josh Cox - Captain 

Brian Gross - Lieutenant