Did you know that a working smoke detector decreases your risk of death from a home fire by over 50%?

The Avoca Volunteer Fire Department has teamed up with the Tennessee State Fire Marshall's Office to bring FREE smoke detectors to the residents of our coverage district. 

Smoke detectors play a crucial role in alerting you to danger around the clock. Always remember to change your batteries 2 times per year (unless sealed) and test your smoke alarms monthly.

Need a smoke alarm? Click here for more information on how to receive your free smoke alarm, courtesy of the Avoca Fire Department

Over 48% of all home fires are caused by cooking. Help us to keep your home from becoming a part of this alarming statistic by following these simple safety tips!

  • Always remember to never leave cooking unattended.

  • Turn handles in on the stove to avoid knocking them off.

  • Avoid loose-fitting clothing when cooking, as it can ignite if it comes in contact with a heat source.

  • Keep at least a 5' "Kid Free" zone around all cooking appliances that generate heat. 

  • Never pull a pan that contains grease off of the stove if it is on fire. Smothering with a tight fitting lid is the best action to smother a fire if no fire extinguisher is available. 

  • Never try to fight a fire that is too large. Call 9-1-1 immediately so that the professionals can be enroute.

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