Avoca Volunteer Fire Department             Established  in 1959


Squad 5 is a 1992 Pierce Lance Rescue Rig that is equipped with the latest technology within the fire service. This Heavy Rescue Truck carries a crew of up to 14 personnel from a seated position. This unit houses a large power generator, a Sierra Boost pump, and a 3 bottle air filling station. This allows us to fill our own air bottles on the scene, providing for flexibility in long-duration events. Air is supplied by an 12-bottle high-pressure system that is boosted further by the Sierra pump. This unit is equipped with a 25' Night-Scan light tower with 6 individual light units. This unit is remotely controlled from the ground, and allows firefighters to quite literally provide noon-time visibility in the darkest hours of the night. This unit assists all agencies within Sullivan County and even surrounding counties with Air Support and other tasks that the unit is capable of. This Unit carries firefighting tools and equipment as well as specialized equipment, increasing the operational capacity from the time the unit arrives on scene.